What Causes Rosacea?

What causes Rosacea, the chronic, inflammatory issue affecting tens of thousands of people throughout Ireland?  While Rosacea is an issue that seriously affects people’s lives, the cause is still unknown. Still, there are a number of factors which have been linked to rosacea and crucially, treatment for rosacea is available. The proper treatment reduces its symptoms and prevents it from becoming chronic. When rosacea is left untreated, rosacea can leave permanent flushing to the skin.

What Causes Rosacea?

While there is no definite understanding of what causes rosacea, it is currently believed to be a combination of environmental and genetic factors.  The environmental factors are simply known as ‘triggers’, and these include almost anything that can increase the blood flow to the skin.  This includes certain hot drinks, spices, alcoholic beverages, extreme heat or extreme cold, strong sunlight, high winds, stress and other emotions, exercise, certain cosmetics or products, medication (including blood pressure medication) and other issues.

It is also known that women are of higher risk, particular women over the age of thirty. Women with lighter skin (in particular if they’ve been exposed to sun damage), smokers are at higher risk, and women who have rosacea in the family.what causes rosacea

How We Treat Rosacea

One of our fundamental tools for treating rosacea is laser therapy. In combination with this, we may also use appropriate facials, products, and perhaps depending on the current condition we may advise laser to aid as a non-invasive form of red vein removal.

Each case and each person is different. For this reason, we always recommend you come in for a free consultation and skin analysis with our experts. This way we can see how things are currently for you and advise you on the best approach going forward. There is absolutely no obligation and no pressure to continue with sessions. To book your free consultation call us on the number above, or use the ‘Book’ button on the bottom-right of your screen. And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call.