Best Skin Clinic Tips: 5 Ways to Improve Your Skin

We sometimes get asked, “What are the best skin clinic tips for naturally improving your skin?”. The truth is, it doesn’t take that much work or money to have amazing skin. As a skin clinic in Cork, we have decades of combined experience (and passion) for skin. Here are a few ideas that can really go a long way to improving how you feel and look.

Nutrition and your skin

A surprising amount of issues can stem from our diet. The appearance of our skin, our hair, our nails, etc. can all be massively improved by being a little more conscious of what we eat. When we’re healthier on the inside, we will look healthier on the outside.

We all know how important it is to drink water each day. Dehydration can also sap your energy, and staying hydrated allows your body to clear toxins. This is especially important for those of us caught up in a modern diet. While everything in moderation is okay, alcohol, tobacco, and eating fast food can all have an impact on our health if it’s a regular thing. As an experiment, see how you feel after drinking 2 litres of water daily for thirty days, and during that period try to make your vices a ‘special occasion’ thing whenever possible.

Make friends with cold water

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Cold water can “seal” your pores, helping to keep them clear. After you have showered with warm water,  try switching to cold water to do the same for the rest of your body. As a bonus, it’s also incredibly invigorating. Before bed each night, after cleansing to remove any makeup or foundation, finish off with a splash of cold water.


Invest in Good Facial Treatments (or visit Cork’s best skin clinic)

Like going to the gym, skin treatments need to be somewhat regular in order to have an effect. When it comes to skincare, it’s all about consistency. We don’t all have massive budgets, but even once a month with a good quality facial will deliver benefits and results.  Consider a facial as a treat. Instead of splashing out on a pair of jeans, shoes or a fancy dinner, consider treating yourself to a good quality facial. Depending on your skin type, you may benefit from microdermabrasion, a hydra facial or an oxygen facial. We have seen Murad products work wonders for our clients.

Consider supplements or microneedling for your hair, skin and nails

Some supplements can really make a difference to your skin. Whether you use collagen, vitamin e, vitamin c, bee propolis, antarctic krill oil, or go with Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Rosehip oil, they can all work wonders. Depending on what is going on for you, you may also benefit from having specific nutrients or vitamins infused directly into your skin through microneedling. The one that will best benefit you will depend on your skin type. Which brings us to the last tip…

Get to know your skin type

Everyone is unique, but there are a few main skin types and each will respond differently to different treatments, stresses, foods, or regimes. Simply becoming more aware of your own skin type can go a long way to altering your behaviour and improving your skin. If you’d like to find out more, we’re always happy to help. Why not sign up for our free consultation? It includes a skin analysis with one of our specialists and there’s absolutely no pressure. We’d just be glad to assist.