• How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

    By admin | July 23, 2020 |

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    We answer the question, “how does laser hair removal work”. We explore the technology up till just very recently (2019), and also the exciting new system available that is coming soon to MediGlow.

  • Best Skin Clinic Tips: 5 Ways to Improve Your Skin

    By admin | July 23, 2020 |

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    We sometimes get asked, “What are the best skin clinic tips for naturally improving your skin?”. The truth is, it doesn’t take that much work or money to have amazing skin. As a skin clinic in Cork,

  • What Causes Rosacea?

    By admin | July 23, 2020 |

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    What causes Rosacea, the chronic, inflammatory issue affecting tens of thousands of people throughout Ireland? While Rosacea is an issue that seriously affects people’s lives, the cause is still