• tanning products

    Tanning Products

    By admin | February 15, 2021 |

    When used right, tanning products can go a long way to bringing out your skin's natural qualities. As a laser and skin clinic, products that are good for your skin (or at least not harmful!) are essential to us. So it's for this reason that we've become stockists of Lusso Tan. Lusso provides a great range of products which, as they put well themselves, 'free your inner glow'. Preparation is Key It's important to have a good pre-application routine to keep your skin healthy and vibrant and ensure your products are applied correctly. A good scrub or exfoliator that you...

  • cruelty-free products

    Cruelty-free Products

    By admin | February 09, 2021 |

    For many of our clients, cruelty-free moisturiser and other products are a must. We are big advocates for cruelty-free products, and we also understand those of our clients looking for the absolute best quality ingredients for their skin. This is why we have been big fans of Skingredients Sun Protection Factor as well as their moisturiser. Thankfully, over the past two decades the EU has been increasing restrictions on animal trials and testing, and in the last decade (since 2013) all product and ingredient testing on animals has been banned in the EU. And, in fact, it's no longer allowed...

  • how do facials work?

    How Do Facials Work?

    By admin | February 03, 2021 |

    Which facial is right for your skin? It really depends. As you know, skin peels work by damaging the top-most surface of your skin. This might sound unpleasant, but it's actually how most good things work. For example, lifting heavy weights builds muscle by damaging your muscle fibres. Similarly, microdermabrasion that's performed correctly and safely rejuvenates and strengthens your skin. How Do Facials Work? It's Based On An Important Biological Principle This principle works based on the same principles of all biological organisms. It's all about how a little hurt can help.  It's simply this: just the right amount of stress,...