• cold therapy for your skin

    Cold Therapy For Your Face

    By admin | April 21, 2021 |

    Does cold therapy for your face work? There is a growing body of research supporting cryotherapy's effects on the human body. Whether it's your muscle tissue, your blood vessels or your skin, there are many benefits to both heat and cold treatments for your face and skin. There are many ways you can take advantage of this effect. Whether you use ice water to wash or bathe or use cryo globes, you can take advantage of your body's reactions to cold. Cold Therapy You may have heard of the Wim Hof method, which has become very popular in the past...

  • listen to your body

    Listen To Your Body, Listen to Your Skin

    By admin | April 07, 2021 |

    It's so important to listen to your body. One of the risks of changing products is that you're going to have an adverse reaction. Many of us have had the experience of trying a product on our research, or a recommendation, only to have it backfire, creating all sorts of issues. Dryness, rashes, or worse. Don't Take Anyone's Word For It While we often sing the praises of some of the best skincare products we come across (such as the wonderful Skingredients range), it's important that you still listen to your own body. We have an exceptional success rate because...

  • cryotherapy explained

    Cryotherapy — Can It Help Your Skin?

    By admin | April 06, 2021 |

    Cryotherapy, or Cold Therapy, is a treatment that capitalises on our body's response to very cold temperatures. Research has found that cryotherapy can help your body's tissues repair. It can either be used topically to remove skin issues (such as warts), or used to boost your body's regenerative abilities. While we do not offer cryotherapy in our clinic, we do offer a 'minimal effective dose' of cold therapy. We offer our Cryo Globes in Ireland with fast delivery. We have found these to be excellent for improving skin tone. How Cryotherapy Can Improve Your Skin's Tissues Cryotherapy works because low...