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Photo Rejuvenation Treatments

Photo Rejuvenation is the most exciting technology in today’s aesthetic environment. It corrects and reverses a wide variety of skin conditions and facial imperfections, particularly the signs of ageing.

Our Pulsed Light Technology eliminates age spots, freckles, broken capillaries and signs of rosacea while stimulating collagen production. Within a few treatments, you will see smoother and firmer skin with a decrease in fine lines and light wrinkles.

Face the Signs of Ageing Head On!

It is no longer necessary to suffer long periods of healing, prolonged redness and discomfort when renewing your skin. It can be performed on just about any treatment area you desire including hands, chest and neck.

MediGlow individually customises a treatment program based on your specific wants, needs and desired results. Treatments are carried out every three weeks and up to four sessions are recommended to see significant results .


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