Cryotherapy — Can It Help Your Skin?

cryotherapy explained

Cryotherapy, or Cold Therapy, is a treatment that capitalises on our body’s response to very cold temperatures. Research has found that cryotherapy can help your body’s tissues repair. It can either be used topically to remove skin issues (such as warts), or used to boost your body’s regenerative abilities. While we do not offer cryotherapy in our clinic, we do offer a ‘minimal effective dose’ of cold therapy. We offer our Cryo Globes in Ireland with fast delivery. We have found these to be excellent for improving skin tone.

How Cryotherapy Can Improve Your Skin’s Tissues

Cryotherapy works because low temperatures can destroy abnormal skin tissue, making room for the healthy cells to regenerate and repair. There may also be a stimulating effect of cold temperatures in your body’s ability to grow new blood vessels, allowing more nutrients to reach your skin’s dermis.

How It Works

When your body is exposed to extreme cold, your blood vessels constrict (known as vasoconstriction). Once your body begins to recover from this brief exposure, it releases anti-inflammatory proteins which can reduce inflammation of tissues. This has been shown in studies to improve conditions such as dermatitis.

Cold Shock

Our body’s response to the cold is still not fully understood, and some research has conflicting results as to how our body’s cold response affects our system. But one piece of research has shown that our body adapts to cold, apparently strengthening. One study found that people felt cold less when they exposed themselves to it, which could be evidence of a system-wide response of adaption.

Cryotherapy Facials

If you are interested in Cryotherapy Facials, consider our own ‘at home’ product which can give you many of the benefits of cold therapy but without the risks of liquid nitrogen, which can lead to permanent skin damage and frostbite. With our globes, the cold is within the globes, which means that after a time it will warm to room temperature – so overexposure is very difficult or perhaps impossible to manage on your own.

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