A Cryotherapy Facial in the Palm of Your Hands

cryotherapy facial

A standard cryotherapy facial sounds slightly terrifying. Liquid nitrogen is poured over your face and left there for a few minutes. The worry is, of course, that liquid nitrogen (which is -196 Celsius), putting the recipient at risk of frostbite and permanent damage in the most sensitive part of your body. But while these more extreme temperatures may be problematic, there is growing research on the benefits of cold therapy. This is what started our interest in Cryo Globes.

Cryo Globes are all about the “MED”, or ‘minimum effective dose’. What is the minimal amount of cold and the minimal amount of exposure – and therefore the minimum amount of safety risks – needed to see real results? With Cryo Globes, you’re getting just the right amount of cold exposure – without the risk of frostbite. Plus, you can use the globes to have an at-home facial massage any time you want, rather than having to get an expensive treatment.

Research on the Cryotherapy Facial Phenomenon

With an increased interest in this space, researchers are getting involved. One study found that facial therapy improved forehead wrinkles in patients with no adverse effects. This makes it an easy choice for those of us who are looking for improvements. The way we see it, even if this one thing can boost your skin’s health by 5 or 10%, that, combined with other treatments and approaches, such as a good skin routine or the right choice of image skincare products, can result in a massively improved overall condition. When you add something beneficial to your regime, the benefits aren’t additive — they are multiplicative. A boost to your skin’s vitality in one area makes a boost in another area more effective. So quickly, with the right skin choices, you can experience a vastly improved condition that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Whole Body or Facial?

Whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) is available with claims that it can clear acne, eczema and psoriasis – as well as rejuvenating your skin.  And the reason why they are becoming so popular is that cold therapy really does wonders for your skin. Despite the potential dangers of whole-body treatments, cryo facials are generally safe with proper care and supervision. With liquid nitrogen involved, you would need to have a trained professional performing the treatment as if it’s left on too long; it can lead to injury or skin damage. Unlike chemical peels, liquid nitrogen does not necessarily stimulate the dermis layer so much as the cold itself is stimulating a physical response in your blood vessels.

With any cold therapy, the aim is to create a vasoconstriction state, meaning that your blood vessels contract. In response, your body overcompensated for what it perceives as a problem. It flushes this area of your body with extra blood. Further, if this is done repeatedly, your body responds by creating new and stronger blood vessels in these areas, providing more vitality to the surrounding skin.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Cryotherapy Facial globes, check out our cryoglobes, or give us a call or book yourself in for a free online consultation.