Listen To Your Body, Listen to Your Skin

listen to your body

It’s so important to listen to your body. One of the risks of changing products is that you’re going to have an adverse reaction. Many of us have had the experience of trying a product on our research, or a recommendation, only to have it backfire, creating all sorts of issues. Dryness, rashes, or worse.

Don’t Take Anyone’s Word For It

While we often sing the praises of some of the best skincare products we come across (such as the wonderful Skingredients range), it’s important that you still listen to your own body. We have an exceptional success rate because we take the time to listen to you and understand what is going on. But we would not presume to know your body better than it knows itself. Remember that just because someone says something is good for you, it doesn’t mean it is. You should always listen to recommendations if they factor in your known allergies, your skin type, and skin concern. While it’s good to be open to solutions that may work well with these combinations, remember that everyone is unique. If something isn’t workings or is having an adverse effect, don’t assume that it just takes time for it to work. If your body gives you an adverse response, then stop using it immediately.

Do What Feels Good

Your skin’s beauty comes from within. Honestly, we’ve seen major changes to people’s complexions and skin concerns when they improved their sleep, eliminated certain foods from their diet or added the right supplements for their needs. This can be adding more active ingredients to your food, or supplementing with Advanced Nutrition or similar products designed to support skin health.

Stress, lack of sleep and diet can all dull your skin as well as hurt the rest of you. So follow what makes you feel good. Natural changes to your skin’s complexion can take weeks if not months, so it can be difficult to track what’s working. But a ‘cheat’ is to track the things that seem to make you feel good. Maybe it’s a walk in the woods or by the beach, a relaxing evening with the girls, or just taking a little time for yourself in the evenings away from your iPhone, so you can unwind and sink into a natural sleep.

Listen To Your Body: Learn About Your Skin

A good skincare regime can make a massive difference. Most of us learn over the years through trial, error and experimentation. If you’ve never had a skin analysis it’s often a really great place to figure out if you may have some adverse reactions to certain products. We offer a free consultation for everyone in Ireland remotely. Though if you’re in the area we would be happy to have you call by to our award-winning Skin and Laser Hair Removal Clinic.