Preparing Your Summer Skin

summer skin

As we’re seeing the first hints of summer approaching, we may be thinking about what we can do to prepare. One of the issues we’ve all had with lockdown is being unable to prepare for the summer in our usual way. We all know that winter is the best time to receive laser hair removal. But since we could hardly go outside the door it just wasn’t an option. With luck, we’ll be back to our usual routines sooner than later. So let’s keep a positive outlook and think about what we can do today to look forward to tomorrow.

Sun in a Bottle That Doesn’t Hurt Your Skin

While we may not have our usual summer holidays to look forward to, we will still have our own outdoor spaces here in Ireland! Still, it doesn’t lend itself to a natural tan, so for many people, sun tan lotion is the best choice. While many lotions can be harsh on our skin, Lusso Tan produces a superior product that treats your skin with respect. They have products available in different shades depending on what you need. And they also have their famous ‘bath bombs’ which are perfect for when you’re ready to wash it all away without harsh scrubbing.

Enjoying The Outdoors Without Clogging Your Pores

We all know that a good SPF moisturiser is essential for beautiful skin. For some of us with fairer complexions, we often need something with a bit more strength to keep us from burning. But the problem is there are so many products that are thick on your skin. This is one of the reasons why we enjoy Skingredients products. They have an incredible range in general, but their SPF is top-notch. It’s light on the skin, yet provides a whopping SPF 50 protection.

Preparing Your Summer Skin: Anti Pollution Mask

Many of us noticed the stark difference in the noise around us during the first lockdown last year. With less traffic, it became apparent just how many engines are running constantly around us. But one invisible aspect of this fact is the level of air pollution in our environments. To combat the deleterious effects of this pollution, you should definitely consider the anti-pollution mask by Environ. Especially as we will be exposing more of our skin to its effects in the warmer months. This is a great product and one we should all consider using.