Skingredients Sale

skingredients sale

Looking for a Skingredients Sale? Skingredients provide truly excellent cruelty-free products that nourish and revitalise your skin. At MediGlow, we’re always looking for high-quality products that will give our clients the best results. You can view our full range of Skingredients products here, or read on for some selections we currently have on sale.

Skingredients Sale: ‘Good Fats’ Moisturiser

Skingredients Good Fats is a moisturiser designed for those of us with dry, irritated skin.  It’s something we recommend to our clients after they’ve had a skin peel as it supports your skin, giving it a boost. Not to get too technical, but what makes this product special is its use of ceramides. A lack of ceramides means a weakened skin barrier, and this is why many of us end up with dry, rough skin, irritation, redness and wrinkles.

Ceramide Lipids (Quickly) Explained

About half of your skin’s molecules are composed of ceramides, an essential lipid, i.e. ‘good fat’. Ceramides provide the ‘structural support’ for your skin cells. They create a protective layer that helps to avoid moisture loss. Having them in abundance helps to reduce damage from environmental stressors. Ceramides also help to keep your skin supple. Skingredient’s ceramides come from the cell membrane of eukaryotic plant cells. These are a waxy lipid molecule made up of ‘sphingosine’ and a fatty acid. As we age, our skin produces fewer ceramides. This is also affected by your exposure to the sun. So over time, the quality and amount of ceramides our skin can produce deteriorate.

For Oily Skin: Skingredient’s Sally Cleanse

The Sally Cleanse is well-known as a bed-time cleanse for those of us with oilier skin types. We always encourage our clients with skin concerns to regularly change their pillow-case. We shed millions of cells every night, and this problem is amplified for those of us with skin prone to blackheads, spots and blemishes. How often should you change the pillowcase? As often as twice a week if you have skin concerns. In addition to that, the Sally Cleanse will help you unblock pores and gently wash away dead skin cells, so they don’t accumulate on your pillow and create issues.

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