Blemish Balm Cream

blemish balm cream

Blemish Balm Cream was first created in Germany for patients after they received laser treatments. The purpose of such creams is to combine the benefits of moisturisation, SPF and concealer. What separates these creams from a tinted moisturizer or CC cream is that they have specialised skincare properties to protect and nourish your skin. Today, these creams are often simply called BB Cream.

Jane Iredale Blemish Balm Cream

Jane Iredale’s Full Coverage BB Cream is an effective, mineral-based natural SPF. It contains a mix of natural extracts such as coconut alkanes, citrus paradisi (found in grapefruit), as well as other fruit extracts like citrus aurantium amara (bitter orange), pyrus malus (from apples), camellia sinensis (extracted from white tea leaves), and camellia sinensis from green tea leaves. There’s also extracts from the radish root, honeysuckle, Tamarind, and Lemongrass.

Why We Recommend Jane Iredale Products

Jane Iredale BB Cream offers fuller coverage compared to most BB Creams, so it is somewhat comparable to CC Cream, but with ‘nutritional’ properties that promote skin health. As you now, CC Cream merely provides an aesthetic band-aid on an underlying issue. Jane Iredale BB Cream, however, also provides skin protection and support. Makeup has its function, but here at MediGlow, we really want to help you enhance your appearance through natural means. While some of us struggle with difficult skin issues such as rosacea, for the most part, we all have inherently perfect skin which is hampered by interferences; Something in our environment, skincare routine, or diet may be interfering with or blocking this inherent perfection.  This is why we are such fans of Jane Iredale. Yes, it’s makeup, but it focuses on purity. It enhances our natural appearance, but while it’s applied, it also supports our skin, working with it instead of against it. It also helps that its cruelty-free.

Is ‘Mineral Makeup’ The Way To Go?

Over the past few decades, we have often been sold makeup products that enhance our look but are not always the healthiest for ourselves or the environment. Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup is changing this trend. We believe that if we’re going to wear makeup, we should try to do so with a level of consciousness for our own health and environment.