Moisture Balance For Optimal Skin Health

moisture balance cream

Your skin’s moisture balance is an essential part of maintaining smooth, healthy-looking skin. We all know how important it is to maintain our skin’s health. As the largest organ in our body (strange to think about, but true!), it not only needs to be cared for, it can also be a reflection of our overall health. If we’re good to ourselves, we’ll often see it in our bodies. But everybody is different, and some of us have oilier or dryer skin. For this reason, there’s an entire pallet of different Image Moisturisers available to suit different skin types at different times of the day.

Light moisturisers

For those of us with oilier skin, we might not need much extra to support strong, healthy and supple skin. A water-based, lightweight moisturiser is a good choice for oilier skin types that may have trouble in winter or indoors when you are exposed to dry, warm air for prolonged periods. One Murad Moisturiser that works very well is the Anti-Ageing SPF 30.

Moisture Balance Using Creams

If your skin is closer to normal/dry than to oily, moisturising cream may be the right choice (depending on other underlying skin concerns you may have). These work especially well in colder weather, or night cream, can keep skin from drying out while you sleep. But if you know your type already, then Environ Skincare provides some excellent options. Different products suit different skin types and environments. That’s why it’s important to check with a skin expert before trying anything new.


While serums are generally not considered moisturisers, some have properties that can support your skin’s natural moisturising abilities. For example, Image Vital C Serum uses a form of Vitamin C that is oil soluble, making it very bio-available. This means it can be absorbed directly into your skin to combat the damage the environment can cause to your skin. It works very well with ageing, dry or dehydrated skin and can tackle redness and sensitivity issues.


If you’re unsure which is the right product or regimen for your skin, we provide free online consultations. If you need one, why not book your consultation today?