Nutrition for Your Skin

nutrition for your skin

There really is such a thing as nutrition for your skin. It’s important to have the right products for your skin, but it’s also important to eat the right things and sometimes to be careful of the things that aren’t so good for your skin.

At MediGlow, we’ve spent years testing different protocols, regimens and products to find out what is the most effective solution for a given skin concern. Many brands infuse their products with vitamins such as Vitamin E and K because they really do help, even when applied topically. That’s one of the reasons why we love Skingredients products so much. So what are the best foods for your skin? Really, it starts with water.

Water: The Easiest Way To Provide Nutrition For Your Skin

We’ve all been told we ought to drink a certain amount of water each day, and for many of us, this can be a challenge. Especially if we’re not used to it. But keeping your body hydrated means keeping your skin, your largest organ, hydrated. And water is an essential part of your skin’s health. Dehydrated skin will have an uneven complexion and tone that exacerbates fine lines. So make sure to consume enough water each day, and avoid dehydrating drinks such as alcohol and caffeine.

Nutrition for Your Skin: Veggies

A wide range of vegetables contains all the nutrients you need for healthy skin. These contain things such as carotenoids, lipids and vitamins that support skin health. Naturally, since we’re talking about carotenoids, carrots are on that list. As are many orange coloured and yellow fruits and vegetables, such as apricots, yellow peppers, and so on.


Salads, thankfully, don’t have to be boring, which means it can be lovely to enjoy a hearty bowl of spinach and leafy greens, all of which help support your skin’s health. Add in some tomatoes and few nuts, and you’re got a great range of nutrients that will support your skin’s cellular health while keeping your calories more manageable as an added bonus.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme

If you’re already doing things relatively well, or you feel your diet would benefit from a boost, then we recommend the Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements. These supplements have been designed with skin health and rejuvenation in mind. A great example of this is the Skin Complete formula, which combines Vitamin A, Vitamin D with antioxidants that support your skin.

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