Bath products designed to Support Your Skin

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At MediGlow, we love bath products that work with your body. What we really care about is getting your skin healthy from the outside in. We start with good nutrition and work our way outwards from there. We recommend products that support your skin’s health. Products that are infuses with important nutrients and ingredients that work with your body on a cellular level. But we can still get behind a product when it has a good foundation, such as Lusso Tan. Lusso Tan produce a range of high-quality sunless tan products that stand out compared with the competition.

Bath Products That Act as a Balm Your Skin

Lusso produces a lovely bath bomb that very effectively removes all traces of tanning products in one soothing, relaxing bath. Many tanning products out there can be a nightmare, not just for your skin’s health, but for removing the day afterwards. Lusso’s products are infused with important, healthy nutrients. These vitamins and good fats work with your skin’s cellular processes. And when you’re finished using their product, their bath bomb is the perfect balm for your body.

Why The Bath Bomb is so Effective

We’ve all had that experience of having to scrub when a product refuses to depart from our body. The result is redness, irritation and damage to the epidermis layer of your skin which can leave you open to having more skin issues later. A bath bomb replaces that painful, frustrating moments with a peaceful, relaxing bath where all you have to do is lie back, relax and enjoy the warm, soothing waters as they do all the work for you.

The Lusso Tan Bath Bomb is suitable for all skin types. Lusso Tan infused these with avocado oil, which is exploding with vitamin E, as well as moisturising fatty acids. It’s also infused with Jojoba oil and Witch Hazel; These prevent the redness and irritation which is all-too-common with many tanning products out there — especially when you go to try to remove them.  The combination of Lusso Tan’s products with this bomb means that you can get away with using sunless tanning products with minimal upset to your skin’s delicate balance. The essential oils in this product will seep into your skin, hydrating and moisturising and truly minimising the damage that is so often part and parcel with these sorts of products. You do not need to use an entire bomb to enjoy these benefits, you can split it in half without any loss in its effectiveness.

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