The Best Skin Care Formula?

the best skin care formula? it doesn't exist

What is the best skincare formula? One that works for everyone or for every general skin type? It doesn’t exist!  At MediGlow, we prioritise skin health above all else. We understand there are different answers to this question depending on your skin type. Ultimately, our clients are the experts — you know your skin better than anyone. Though sometimes it can be tricky sorting through the many products and many factors that can affect your skin, such as your diet, how much exposure to sunlight you’re getting, and so on. So, before you go buying that Image Moisturiser, make sure you don’t go spending money on something without first being sure that it is suitable for your skin. On that note, here are some of our thoughts to help you avoid some common mistakes we see.

The Best Skin Care Formula? It Depends on You!

During a skin consultation, we collect details about your circumstances so we can help you make an informed decision about what will work best with your skin. As you may know, it really depends on your skin type and a few other factors, including your age, your skincare routine, your diet, exercise, and much more. So we do ask for a lot of information.  But this really is all essential. Because it doesn’t matter the brand or the product. We are huge supporters of certain brands, so much so that we are working to bring more of Murad in Ireland. But we would still be very careful just to automatically recommend something without first understanding what is going on for someone.

Changing Products Can Create Issues Without You Noticing

We’ve all heard or read about some incredible brands or products (like Skingredient’s Sally Cleanse), which work absolute wonders for some or most people and have been rightly given awards and praise all round. But that doesn’t mean the product will be good for your skin. The Sally cleanse contains 2% salicylic acid. You apply it at night to eliminate excess oil while you sleep. But what if your skin is dryer at night than average?  This combination could hurt more than it helps. What we commonly encounter with clients is that they add a new product to their regimen which is theoretically good, like a blemish balm cream, not realising that it is subtly affecting their skin’s health. So days or weeks could go by without issue before the change causes an effect. So it’s important to keep track of the changes you make not just to your diet, but to your products.

…this Includes Makeup

While our focus is on skin health, makeup has an important part to play in whether or not your skin is in good condition. So it’s important to also keep stock of what changes you’re making to your makeup. This is one of the reasons why we are advocates of Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. These products are designed to work with your skin rather than against it, and it shows.