Is Colostrum Good for Your Skin?

colostrum gel

Why is Colostrum Good for Your Skin? At MediGlow, we’re always keeping an ear to the ground for new products or approaches that can boost your skin’s health. In more recent years, research has come upon the many benefits of colostrum. This was made widely available by Environ. So what is colostrum and how can it help? While we provide local services such as skin peels and laser hair removal in Cork, we also provide an extensive range of skincare products available all over Ireland. But let’s take a quick look at what colostrum is and how it can help your skin.

So…What is Colostrum

As you may know, colostrum is the initial breast fluid mammals emit before they start producing milk. In recent years there has been extensive research into this fluid, especially as we develop a better understanding of the human biome. What we know today is that, in addition to having antibodies, colostrum is absolutely packed with nutrients and proteins that boost health.

Is Colostrum Good for Your Skin?

While the scientific literature isn’t extensive enough to say anything with certainty that colostrum benefits your skin, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to show otherwise. Whole industries are popping up around the collection of this fluid. And while we wait for the academics to release their studies, there are products already available that are safe to use. And we have found great results with colostrum-based products, such as Environ Colostrum Gel.  Environ Vita-Enriched Colostrum Gel uses bovine colostrum to deliver vitamins and antioxidants into your skin. It also incorporates other elements into your skin, such as green tea extract, vitamin E and vitamin C.

What Skin is it Suitable For?

This product is best suited for combination skin, or for those with dry, red or sensitive skin. It can work well if you tend to get dry and sore skin. It works with dry acne and can work well if you’re experiencing oily skin. Though we recommend care with issues such as rosacea, it can help ease symptoms for some sufferers. Though as always, it’s best to check with a consultant before making any big changes to your skincare regime. If you have very reactive or sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, you can also combine this with a suitable Moisturiser that contains antioxidants.