When is the best time to get Laser Hair Removal?

Christmas lights, warm fires and hot chocolate. Winter isn’t all bad!

One little extra winter benefit for lots of Irish Women is the break you get from your grooming routine. Winter sees our bare legs and sandals being replaced by tights and winter boots, allowing us to be a little more relaxed about our shaving and pedicures.

For many of us, Laser Hair Removal is the last thing on our mind as we’re tucked under the blankets watching the latest flick.

But it shouldn’t be. Because now is the best time to get laser hair removal.

As Spring rolls around – the annual panic sets in. We frantically search for hair removal options, determined it won’t cause the same pain or hassle as last year. Waxing, shaving, hair removal creams – we try them all with varying success.

But the one thing they have in common, is they all guarantee that the hair will be back. And you’ll have to repeat the same thing again and again and again. (At least until next winter rocks around and you get a little break).

Laser Hair Removal is different. It offers a permanent solution in just six treatments. And these early winter months are the perfect time to start considering Laser Hair Removal treatment.


Why is winter the best time to get Laser Hair Removal?


1. Laser Hair Removal works best on pale skin:


Laser Hair Removal works best on dark hairs and pale skin. (Winter – check and check).

The laser targets the melanin in dark hair. The greater the contrast, the better your results are going to be.


2. You’ve got the time for Laser Hair Removal:


Because hair grows in three stages – anagen, catagen and telogen, laser hair removal works over six treatment sessions.

Different hairs will be in different stages at any one time. Laser hair removal works by targeting hairs in the first growth stage. By spreading the treatment over six sessions, we can make sure we catch all the hairs when they are in that growth stage.

If you start your treatments over the winter months, you’ll be guaranteed to be ready for Summer and avoid that annual spring panic.


3. Avoiding sun exposure during Laser Hair Removal:


Before and after treatments we advise you to avoid exposing the treated area to sun, as the skin can be extra sensitive to light.

Although this isn’t normally a big problem with our Irish weather, you never know! Maybe this summer will finally see a long-overdue heatwave! And if it did, do you want to be covering up or racing to the beach?

Booking your treatments over the winter months, means that things like this don’t even have to cross your mind.


Think now is the right time for you?


If you’re considering Laser Hair Removal treatment, just contact us to book in your FREE Consultation by calling (021) 429 1090 or email us at info@mediglow.ie.

We can answer any questions you might have about Laser Hair Removal treatments, and we will perform a free patch test to show you the results before you commit.