Calm Your Overactive Bladder

overactive bladder

Over 300 million people worldwide have issues with urinary incontinence. This can mean needing to use the bathroom suddenly, known as ‘stress incontinence’. This is the active leakage of urine which can come upon you suddenly and unexpectedly.

Women are more likely to struggle with urinary incontinence

While both men and women can suffer with UI, anatomical differences make women more susceptible. For example, giving birth can severely weaken the pelvic floor muscles. This can be improved by pelvic floor exercises, but they are quite difficult. Kegels must be performed multiple times daily for extended weeks and months. Most people simply don’t have the time to keep this up.  The Emsella Chair may be the answer for many. The ’em’ in Emsella stands for ‘Electro-Magnetic’ and ‘Silla’ is Spanish for ‘chair’.

The Emsella chair can give you the equivalent of 11,800 kegel exercises in one 28-minute session. The deep, intense pelvic floor muscle contractions are easy and convenient. No undressing is required, and it’s pain-free, so you can relax during the session. After each session, you’ll feel the muscles in the pelvic floor fatigued from the thousands of contractions they’ve performed. And these muscles will quickly strengthen in the days following each session, rapidly improving your pelvic floor.

Sleep through the whole night without having to pee

After a full course of treatments, 95% of patients experience significant improvements for overactive bladder. Many people with an overactive bladder report that they can go longer, or even go the whole night, without having to pee. Even if you’ve tried Kegels religiously on your own without much benefit, you may still experience significant improvement with the Emsella Chair. The concentrated dose of contractions is not something we’re able to achieve when doing it ourselves consciously. 

Overactive Bladder Treatment

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