Facials That Leave Your Skin Glowing

Facials That Leave Your Skin Glowing

We’re always looking for scientifically proven, noninvasive methods treatments that can improve the health and appearance of your body. When it comes to facials, we have found a few and products that work extremely well. One that have seen work time and time again is Hydrafacial. In a clinical study with 20 patients (Freedman 2008. J Cosmet Dermatol.), hydrafacial showed long-term benefits that were visible immediately following the treatment. And while results may vary. Long-term benefits were observed after receiving multiple treatments of about five sessions.

Reducing Mild to Moderate Acne

In another study (Storgard et al. 2022. J Clin Aesthet Dermatol.), 20 participants with mild to moderate acne received up to 6 Clarifying Hydrafacial treatments with blue LED light over a 12-week period. All 20 participants had visibly cleaner, clearer skin, with 13 of the 20 patients achieving acne-free skin. As for the remaining 7 participants who did not clear their acne, 6 of the 7 experienced fewer blemishes and significantly reduced inflammation.

Combining Technologies for Clearer, Smoother Skin

Hydrafacials can be combined with other technologies we provide to enhance the treatment’s effects. For example, Red Light Therapy has been proven in numerous studies to stimulate your cells to heal and strengthen. The result is reduced wrinkles, a reduction in mild to moderate acne, reduced inflammation and redness, reduce scarring, and some users have even reported noticeable improvement in their vision (red light is perfectly safe for the eyes).

Lymphatic drainage can also make an enormous difference in reducing puffiness and redness. It works by stimulating movement in your body’s lymphatic system, detoxifying your body, and thereby improving your skin’s health. While the traditional method for this was manual lymphatic drainage, we use new Pressotherapy technologies that can exactly coordinate the manual pressures to better stimulate the lymphatic drainage and provide a more effective treatment. You can view our system at our dedicated page: Lymphastim Lymphatic Drainage Cork.