Cruelty-free Products

cruelty-free products

For many of our clients, cruelty-free moisturiser and other products are a must. We are big advocates for cruelty-free products, and we also understand those of our clients looking for the absolute best quality ingredients for their skin. This is why we have been big fans of Skingredients Sun Protection Factor as well as their moisturiser.

Thankfully, over the past two decades the EU has been increasing restrictions on animal trials and testing, and in the last decade (since 2013) all product and ingredient testing on animals has been banned in the EU. And, in fact, it’s no longer allowed for brands to say “not tested on animals” on their packaging, since it tacitly implies that their competitors are, when this is not the case.

But, of course, for some of us, it goes deeper than the direct cruelty of animal testing. For those of us living based on a vegan ethos, any animal product is not acceptable when we visit a restaurant, clothing outlet or skincare shop.

Cruelty-free and Vegan-Friendly Products

So we are aware that when we ask, ‘is colostrum good for skin‘, the more salient question for some of our clients is, ‘Is the use of colostrum harmful to animals?’ While most of the brands we stock have not been animal-tested, including Image Products, that doesn’t mean their product range is exclusively vegan. For that reason, we hold one brand that has been the most stringent in their anti-animal products, and that’s Skingredients. It’s the only vegan skincare brand out there, but it is one we love for their quality products which are packed with plant-based nutrients and minerals scientifically researched to help boost your skin.

And for those clients, we often recommend Skingredients Products. Not just because they are results-oriented, and not just because they are vegan-friendly, but because they are also, despite their name, devoid of additives such as essential oils or scents designed to smell more attractive. They focus on quality ingredients designed to treat your skin like an organ and produce deep, nourishing and strengthening balms to your skin’s cells.

If you have skin concerns but also animal welfare concerns, feel free to give us a call or book a free consultation to discuss your situation. We’ll be glad to provide the best advice for your skin.