• Facials That Leave Your Skin Glowing

    Facials That Leave Your Skin Glowing

    By mediglow_Amon | July 05, 2024 |

    We're always looking for scientifically proven, noninvasive methods treatments that can improve the health and appearance of your body. When it comes to facials, we have found a few and products that work extremely well. One that have seen work time and time again is Hydrafacial. In a clinical study with 20 patients (Freedman 2008. J Cosmet Dermatol.), hydrafacial showed long-term benefits that were visible immediately following the treatment. And while results may vary. Long-term benefits were observed after receiving multiple treatments of about five sessions. Reducing Mild to Moderate Acne In another study (Storgard et al. 2022. J Clin...