Facial Massage from Home

facial massage from home

A facial massage from home is possible at the moment, thanks to cryo globes. In the last year, we’ve all realised the importance of social contact. Whether it’s meeting with friends for a coffee or going for an appointment, points of contact that were once commonplace are now valued for their absence. Our online Skin Shop can aid in skin health, but it’s no replacement for hands-on therapies. One of the things many of us miss is the ability to receive a massage or other physical therapy to help ease tension and strain, promote health, and get that all-important lymphatic system working as it should.  Stress is one of the biggest causes of accelerating ageing, and our skin is where we often first see the signs. Your wellbeing is important, not just for you but for those around you. So if there’s anything you think you can do to help relieve stress and encourage health, give it a go!

A Facial Massage from Home

There’s no real replacement for a facial massage session with a trained therapist, but cryo globes are a close second. These have become popular during lockdown, since they combine cold therapy with a gentle DIY facial massage. The two combined help you rejuvenate your skin while also helping you relax, increasing the blood flow into the areas of your skin that most need it.

It’s Not Just Skin Deep

While our focus is naturally on skin health, we believe that skin health arises from overall health. The things you can do to help your skin can also help you on a deeper level. Yes, massage therapy, cold therapy, and saunas can promote skin health, and that’s partly why we recommend them, but they’re all also excellent stress relievers. These help lower cortisone levels throughout your system. They can honestly make life better, and for that reason alone, they’re worth it.

Combining Facial Massage With Topical Solutions

When you perform a facial massage, you’re going to encourage more blood circulation in the areas where you most need them. This is also a prime opportunity to supplement your skin with nourishing vitamins and minerals. We’ve found that Environ Products work really well in reducing signs of ageing, with many of their products packed with antioxidants and essentials like vitamin A.

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