Acne Treatment

Before our clients visit MediGlow, they have usually tried every other solution but failed to see results. At MediGlow, we use a combination of cutting-edge acne treatments. And our experienced skin care experts will advise you on just what steps you need to take to to ensure you re-discover your perfect, blemish-free skin.

We can help you with acne breakouts (including around the neck, chest and back). If you currently have active acne, the first step will be to bring this under control. We can then begin to work on treating any scarring or redness. Book your skin consultation today and start your journey to skin health.

Acne Scar Treatment

Once the active acne has been calmed down, the next step is to treat any damage to the skin. Since acne scars can vary from person to person, the course of treatment required will vary too. We use innovative technology to treat it on multiple levels simultaneously. Our treatments include the IPL Quantum SR photorejuvenation system, Peels, and Microneedling

Skin Analysis

Depending on your individual needs, we will use one or several of our techniques available at the Clinic. The first step is for you to come in for your free consultation. Our experts will take time with you, give you a thorough skin analysis and advise you on the best steps to get you back to skin health. Call us today on 021 429 1090