Moisturising Oil Coconut & Vanilla

Suits everyone looking for an everyday cleanser that doesn’t strip the
skin of it natural moisture. Suits extra well if you’re experiencing


Skin Type: Ageing, All, Normal, Dry
Skin Concern: Normal, All

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An oil-based feminine cleanser that leaves your vulva clean, moisturised
and protected. Based on vegetable and organic oils. The oil has a soft
and feminine scent of natural vanilla. Free from allergens and suits
sensitive skin.
Pure and natural vanilla has a strong effect on mood. The warm, soft and
caring scent makes you feel uplifted, relaxed and sensuous. Medical
experiments have shown that vanilla fragrance reduces stress and
anxiety and acts as a human pheromone. The oil can also be used as a
body moisturizer or sensual massage oil.

How To Use

How to use
Use the oil in the shower instead of soap. 1) Wet the skin. 2) Apply the
oil to the outer and inner labia. 3) Rinse.
Alternative usage: The oil can also be used as a body moisturiser or
sensual massage oil.