If You Want to be Hairy, be Hairy. If You Want to be Hairless, be Hairless. Remove What You Want — and be Proud of Your Body

Whether you’re a generally hairy guy, or there’s just an area that has always made you crazy self-conscious, there’s no longer any reason to put up with it. Get rid of unwanted hair and massively improve your self-confidence using our advanced, Cynosure Elite+ Laser. Introduced in 2019, this is cutting edge technology that can deliver better results in fewer, faster sessions — and all with greater comfort.

To get started, feel free to stop by for your free consultation so we can examine your hair and skin colour. We’ll describe everything about what’s involved so you know exactly what to expect.

Introducing “Pay Per Session” Laser Hair Removal

As well as full courses of six sessions at discount prices, you can also pay per session — so you only pay for what you need. View our price list (on this page) to see how much you can save.

Our Promise: We Put You First

At MediGlow, we’re not interested in keeping our clients “locked-in” to multiple laser hair removal treatments. Our team of experienced, highly trained aestheticians want to get you the best results in the least time and the fewest sessions. Whenever we can deliver the results you’re after in fewer treatments we will do so. To learn more, feel free to stop by for a skin analysis and consultation.

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It’s as simple as that.
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Taking the First Step

Book your Free Consultation with our highly experienced laser therapists. We will perform a patch test so you can see the results before you commit to treatment. This also gives you a chance to feel the laser (it’s almost like an elastic band flicking your skin). This way, there are no surprises when you come for your first treatment.

How do I book my free consultation?

Taking advantage of your free consultation couldn’t be easier. There’s no commitment and no pressure. If you decide not to go ahead with it for any reason, no problem. We’ve made is to that there really is nothing to lose — except your unwanted hair.

  • Book your consultation by calling (021) 429 1090 or use the button below.
  • Your consultation will take about 20 mins
  • There’s free parking available outside. Feel free to grab a coffee next door
  • Leave some hair present in the area where you’re considering laser hair removal (you can give us a call if you’re unsure).
  • Make sure the area is free from sprays, products or creams.
  • Let us know if the area has been exposed to UV light in the past 4 weeks.

Pricing (Per Individual Treatment)

centre brow €30 €21.60
nose €29 €16.50
neck €40 €33
ears €30 €21.60
Full Face €85 €66.50
upper cheeks €40 €33
back of neck €40 €33
chest €95 €75
stomach €95 €75
back €199 €149
shoulders €89 €50
lower arms €89 €75
buttocks €95 €83
brazilian (male) €89 €65
full arms €95 €83
upper arms €89 €75
half legs €95 €83
full legs €199 €149
Inner Bottom €40 €33
Upper Cheeks & Monobrow €70 €49
Back of Neck, Full Back, Shoulder €299 €200
Chest & Stomach €170 €124.50
Full Body €699 €499